Silk Scarves

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Silk scarf “Minotaure space N2” black by Stella Polare from “Minotaures” series created by Stella Polare Artiste in Paris.

Stella PolareFrench-Uzbek young contemporary artist, based in Paris. Her real name, Khulkar, is translated as «polar star», that is why she sas chosen the artistic name Stella Polare. Today the artist aims to transmit the message that it is «urgent to be joyful» though her art. Indeed the concept the artist is developing she called “vitaculture”, that means the joy urgency. Stella Polare exhibited at UNESCOLouvre, she had also carte blanche at Palais Jacques Coeur in 2021, the same year 2021 she was invited to the Parole des Femmes, public talk at the House of the Great French writer, Maison de George Sand.

Why Scarf ? Scarf is a symbol of emancipation of women for Stella Polare, reference of status in Europe, immutable element of the paranja history, honour murder of Nurkhon Yuldasheva, the life of Tamara Khanum in Uzbekistan, the art of Louis Bourgeois and others. This is also raising the questions of the household women labor, not counted in the national economy.

Technical description : 100% twill silk, scarf size 90×90 cm, designed in Paris, printed and handrolled in Italy, with love and care.

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