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About Stella Polare

Scarves Stella Polare are created by Khulkar Yunusova or Stella Polare French-Uzbek artist based in France. Stella Polare is artists’s nickname, that stands for the place of art in her life. It is also the translation of her name, given by her grandmother.

Main Stella Polare projects have the objective to apply and to develop the concept of the vitaculture to all the spheres of the life. Vitaculture is the joy urgency. Today, Stella Polare is interested at how the vitaculture is executed: people, women and men, society, some particular defined people, letter H in the French language and others.

Exhibited in UNESCO, Louvre and Bukhara Museum,  In 2020 Stella Polare gained the crown of Tretyakovskaya Prize. In 2021 Stella Polare had carte blanche to exhibit in the Palais Jacques Coeur, thus she organized the “Message” exhibition at the invitation of A.S.I.E., the French Association, the same year 2021 she was invited to the Parole des Femmes, public talk at the House of the Great French writer, Maison de George Sand.

Why scarf?

Scarves Stella Polare are creations is an extension of the artistic statement of Stella Polare. Scarf is a symbol of emancipation of women for Stella Polare, reference of status in Europe, immutable element of the paranja history, honour murder of Nurkhon Yuldasheva, the life of Tamara Khanum in Uzbekistan, the art of Louise Bourgeois and others. This is also raising the questions of the household women labor, not counted in the national economy.

Actually behind each pattern there is a lot of research work. Contemporary art artist, Stella Polare studies sources regarding the chosen subject of the collection on which she works. She does a lot of experimentation before moving on to the final stage of manual drawing and computer work. After having finalized the drawing on and file validation to send to Italy for printing, near Lake Como for printing and finishing. 

Why silk?

Silk is Stella Polare’s favorite material. Indeed, the country of origin of Stella Polare is Uzbekistan. It is a country that lies on the paths of the Silk Road. The artist loves silk for its symbolism of transformation, the product that surrounds the worm that changes into a butterfly by its nature. Silk is also the symbol of peace, it is a full language of diplomatic gifts, gifts that can be brought back from a trip to share with loved ones or just to offer themselves to celebrate their own moment of joy.

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